Capcut Black Screen Template 2

Capcut Black Screen Template

Capcut is an app for creating graphics, visual effects and animation on your smartphone. This is the best app for creating animations on Android devices. This is a free application from Capcut Creative Inc.. Capcut is the world’s first application for motion designing. It supports multiple layers for graphics and motion designing. And Capcut also offers a complete library of vectors for freehand illustrations.


Capcut Pro

If you love animation and graphics designing, Capcut is the best app to handle your tasks. It has visual effects to make graphic designing more interesting. One of the best features of Capcut Pro without watermark is the Key Frame feature. Keyframe lets you edit motion frame by frame. Easily customize the size and shape of the item in any frame. Color adjustment is available, you can adjust the colors of a particular object in the object and customize many more.

Capcut Without WaterMark

Capcut has a lot of visual effects available. Custom aspect ratio for images and video. Blending mode lets you add different layers to objects. Also you can create vector graphics with the help of Capcut and many more features.

Capcut is a free android app but premium version of Capcut is paid in play store but here on our site we provide premium version of Capcut absolutely free without watermark. We will discuss the premium features of this app later. It is one of the best video editing app for Android device.

Capcut Template

This is one of the best and interesting features of Capcut. A keyframe is a frame-by-frame video animation that you can edit frame-by-frame. You can add custom elements and edit the video animation one frame at a time, which means you can edit your animated video in detail. The app has many elements that you can add to an animated video frame. The status of the object can also be changed based on the law. Capcut gives you full control to edit fully animated video.

Capcut Tutorial

Effects in animated video give your video a next-level look, so Capcut offers inbuilt visual effects for use in motion graphic videos. 1000’s of visual effects are available in the store like Hot Color, Exposure, Color Tune, Highlights and Shadows, Clouds and more. You can easily use these video effects in your animation. It also makes your animated video look better. TuneColor helps you tune the color of video animations. You can also control the exposure in the video by using all these visual effects.

Capcut Shake Effect

Vector graphics help you create animated video with the help of vector graphics. Vectors are really cool and tiny images that you can animate in Capcut. These are image sketches in 2D or 3D formats that you can add to an animated video. Vector images can be animated in video graphics. Create your custom vector images and animate them into animated video.


Capcut offers 2000+ built-in fonts in the app that you can use as text layers in your video. Add text to graphic animation video and easily animate text in various formats. Many fonts are available, you can easily make your text font more beautiful and attractive. There are thousands of fonts available, but if you want to use your own custom text font, you can also add your own text font.

Export formats

This is the amazing thing about Capcut, you can export the video in multiple formats. You can also export a specific image frame from a video. There are lots of video and animation formats to export your animated videos. Available formats are MP4 (Video), GIF, XML, PNG, JPEG etc. You can easily export your animated videos in these available formats. You can easily share these files on any platform in multiple formats.




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