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The explosion of digital video recording involves a total change of paradigm. Recording on 35mm and recording the images used as development came at an absurdly high cost. But the advent of digital design has revolutionized everything. Who can record, link and export a video in the shortest possible time. Now you can do it from your smartphone, kineMaster is the best video editor alternative for Android system. It was certainly admired by icons like Griffith and Eisenstein.

Kinemaster shows its contents quickly. Those of you who have edited video on the desktop with Final Cut and Adobe Premiere will find many of the capabilities hidden in this pocket editor. The application developed by Next Streaming is very complete and is to be expected from a video editor for smartphones. It surprised me, at least. Everything is still easy to use.

How To Use

Kinemaster is amazing with its friendly interface, full of clear-cut icons that show what feature or effect you’re looking for at any given time. There are many possibilities that the manufacturer wants or needs for the Kinemaster. You can combine videos made by different media in a very short time and very easily, and add a special touch by adding some funny or unique effects.

If that’s what you need in the first place, this Android app has got it: from adding new layers (freehand drawing on pictures, videos, text, videos) to adding photos or audios you’ve taken. This material can be designed with a high degree of customization and you can also add various input and output transition effects: blur, resize or resize, swipe to the side… it would be stupid to list all of these here, But I try to make sure that the program has all the effects you need to create the video you have in mind to accurately specify.

Similarly, Kinemaster allows you to peruse other parameters such as brightness, volume and audio intensity or the speed of the media you’re connecting to simultaneously. The different layers in your timeline give you a detailed view of your project and make it very easy to edit. You can also work with videos in Chrome. The possibilities are immense.

Kinemaster Video Editor

The problem comes when you try to export your video, then check the watermark in the top right corner of your project. It is understandable that they are not going to give a quality product in exchange for a smile. However, I can’t say that the watermarks on this project are my favorite thing. Kinemaster Shake Effect. I narrow my eyes when I see stuff like this, and the Kinemaster is no exception. To get rid of this problem, you will have to spend 56.11 rupees every month, although you can try its features for free for 14 days. 30 day license ₹ 2321 or one year. You can also get other types of subscriptions, such as 28.46, which would work out to over 2 euros a month.

Another special feature of Kinemaster is that it does not work the same on all smartphones. In my case, the decent Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro does not allow to export videos at 1080p. On other devices you won’t be able to offer layered video or work with Chrome. This is totally understandable as the application runs perfectly smoothly and on some phones I find that those add-ons make a number on the application’s performance. But still, it is a shame that not everyone can enjoy all the features available. Check out this list to see if your phone can handle it all.

Kinemaster is a great editing project. If I had said otherwise, I would not have lied. Above all, it can export videos at various quality levels (with associated resizing) or upload videos to Facebook or YouTube. Two great qualities of this are its ease of use and how complete it is as a teacher.

Versatile and professional application with many possibilities – very long, that is, because you are one of the lucky few who can enjoy all its features. Otherwise you will lose the most attractive part of it. However, it’s a writer to keep in mind if you’re looking for anything other than provocative videos and images.




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